The HOMAG Group AG supervisory board (from left to right): Dr. Anja Schuler, Carmen Hettich-Günther, Gerhard Federer, Martina Herold, Ralf W. Dieter, Dr. Jochen Berninghaus, Dr. Hans Schumacher, Roman Romanowski, Armin Auer, Ernst Esslinger, Carlo Crosetto (left on 29.02.2020), Erich Koch, Dietmar Heinrich (missing in the picture).

Supervisory board

The HOMAG Group AG supervisory board is equally weighted with six shareholder representatives and six employee representatives. Each board member contributes a considerable amount of specialist and industry knowledge, and each person is presented briefly below.


Shareholder representatives:

Chairman of the Supervisory Board | CEO at Dürr AG, Stuttgart

Lawyer, Auditor and Tax Advisor at Spieker & Jaeger, Dortmund

Former CEO at Schunk GmbH, Heuchelheim

Member of the board of Schaeffler AG, Herzogenaurach

Former Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Former member of the Board of Management of Dürr Systems AG, Stuttgart

Employee representatives:

Trade union secretary | lawyer, IG Metall district Baden-Württemberg

Chairwoman of the Works Council at Homag GmbH, Schopfloch and Group Works Council Chairwoman at Homag Group AG

Director of Methods/Tools at Homag GmbH, Schopfloch

Chairman of the Works Council at HOMAG Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH, Calw- Holzbronn

Chairwoman of the Works Council at HOMAG Bohrsysteme GmbH, Herzebrock-Clarholz

Head Representative at IG Metall Detmold, Detmold

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