ecoPlus - Technology That Pays Off

Save cash by conserving precious resources - like energy, time, material and personnel. The ecoPlus technologies from the HOMAG Group help you to make your company more productive.

You can save a great deal at no extra cost - up to 30% less energy consumption. And this is only one strength of ecoPlus technology. Furthermore there are huge savings and improvement potentials in material handling, personnel requirements and in ergonomics as well as the entire production process. You can not only save energy costs but also a lot of time and money.

Your advantages:

Increasing output, more intelligent processes and more productive hours of operation - while consumption of energy and resources remains unchanged or even decreases.

  • Standby function places the machine in an energy-saving standby mode
  • The amount of energy required for chip removal is reduced by up to 40%
  • Up to 40% less of energy consumption used to supply your machines with compressed air
  • And a lot more...

Future-oriented technology that benefits the environment

Output and cost reduction can well be combined - ecoPlus demonstrates this very impressively. The technologies use energy intelligently, that is what drives us. That is why we set the standard across the entire industry for gaining more efficiency and increasing potential for savings. ecoPlus benefits the environment and your budget. Excellent prospects for today, tomorrow and the future.

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