"Beds4Poor" - HOMAG Cares donation for Tanzania

"Helping where help is needed" - that is our aim with "HOMAG Cares". This Christmas, our company management has decided not to spend money on gifts for customers and business partners, instead donating to people who urgently need our help.

The "Beds4Poor" initiative

At HOMAG, everything revolves around furniture - something that is often alien to the people in Kidatu. Where we think about design, surfaces, multi-function capabilities, some people don't even have somewhere appropriate for them to sleep. Beds are a rarity, and mats or old mattresses are the order of the day. With our Christmas donation, we want to change that and supply people in Tanzania with locally produced beds. Our objective is to make a sustainable investment. Therefore, we are having the beds made by local carpenters and wood turners. By doing so, we want to sustainably support the economy and local businesses.

The project location in Tanzania

The village of Kidatu is located in the Udzungwa Mountains, one of the last mountain rain forests in East Africa. More than half of the children of those living in Kidatu have no access to education. But that is not the only problem: there is also a great deal of poverty in Kidatu. The people barely have the money to live, and therefore have to do without the "luxury goods" that we take for granted. Some of the people live in mud huts and only rarely have a bed or any furniture; they use shared toilets and clean themselves in "wash houses".

The organization

The money is being used locally by the organization "Future Chances - For Kids and Poor in Tanzania (ped-world e.V.)", which focuses on education projects and fighting poverty. All of the organization's projects achieve long-term results and drive development in the country forward. The projects are completed purely by volunteers. The long-term objective for all projects is for the people of the country to achieve financial independence - that is the top priority for "Future Chances".

Are you interested in the project? Then take a look at our website: www.futurechances.org

Are you interested in the project? Then take a look at our website:


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