Focus on flexibility and cost efficiency

For HOLZ-HANDWERK, the focus of the HOMAG developments for edge processing is on solutions for full flexibility in production. Being able to adapt to customer requirements is the basis for full satisfaction. HOMAG is offering new solutions that are also cost efficient and save resources.

For HOLZ-HANDWERK, the focus of the HOMAG developments for edge processing is on solutions for full flexibility in production. Being able to adapt to customer requirements is the basis for full satisfaction. HOMAG is offering new solutions that are also cost efficient and save resources.

  • Advanced functions at the entry level: EDGETEQ S-200
  • More automation: EDGETEQ S-240, EDGETEQ S-300
  • New solutions for PUR processing: EDGETEQ S-240, EDGETEQ S-300
  • Automatic glue quantity metering: EDGETEQ S-380 and EDGETEQ S-500
  • Tailor-made solutions: EDGETEQ S-500 now also as profiLine
  • A glimpse into the future: perfect acrylic edge processing

All HOMAG edge banding machines will be presented in Hall 10.0 in a combination of two production concepts or in the special technology area for edge processing.

Premiere: Greater edge thickness and higher feed speed in the standard model with the EDGETEQ S-200 model 1130 FC

The 1130 FC entry-level machine for edge processing offers complete processing of workpieces from jointing to rounding corners and finishing. For HOLZ-HANDWERK, the performance scope of the machine is being extended — in future, it will be able to process edges up to a thickness of 5 mm. What is also new for this model is the higher feed speed of 11 m/min. From a technical perspective, this machine adds value through increased productivity and flexibility. In the future, the airTec unit for creating the perfect zero joint, which was previously available as an option, will be offered on the 1130 AT model as standard.

More options for PUR processing at the entry level and advanced automation with the EDGETEQ S-240 model 1240 FC

The EDGETEQ S-240 model 1240 FC is the perfect machine for users who want a fully automated machine for edge processing right from the entry level, as adaptability to customer requirements and market trends are becoming increasingly important. To adjust the units easily to the required edge thickness and workpiece thickness, for example, the top roll pressure unit, the trimming unit and the multi-level scraper can be adjusted easily via the touchscreen control system.

New features on this machine are the option for overhang trimming with material allowance and the motorized adjustment of the edge thickness on the single-motor profile trimmer. On the profile trimmer, the edge thickness and the profile depth can be easily adjusted from the control system, making it even easier to use.

In terms of edge banding, the carpenter can choose which magazine to work with: glue granulate or, as an option, 2-kg cartridges. The QA65N glue application system is fully automated and can be filled manually with granulate—EVA or PUR—and adjusted via the touchscreen control system. Regardless of whether it's a matter of heating up quickly for small batch sizes, program-controlled emptying on change of color or cleaning after PUR processing — all everyday interventions can be adjusted easily from the control system.

When resistance to water and heat is needed and larger quantities of PUR glue are required, the processing of the PUR glue can also be triggered with an optional pre-melting unit. The pre-melting unit has a melting capacity of 2.5°kg/hour. This ensures that the required quantity of fresh glue is supplied at all times. The glue is pre-melted externally and can be processed as required. This technology is new in the EDGETEQ S-240 series model 1240 FC and was previously available only for edge banding machines in higher classes.

In the finishing area, the multi-level scraper unit with two different profiles is particularly noteworthy. It can be fully operated and configured on an individual basis from the powerTouch control system. Reproducibility of results, easy adjustment of the machine and time savings are guaranteed.

At HOLZ-HANDWERK: part of concept 1 "Digital entry"

PUR processing plus multi-level technology: Greater flexibility on the EDGETEQ S-300 model 1450 E

The EDGETEQ S-300 model 1450 E is the right solution for users who apply different profiles to workpieces and therefore need a high degree of flexibility.

In terms of edge banding, the carpenter can choose which magazine to work with: glue granulate or glue cartridges. The QA65N glue application system, which can be adjusted easily via the control system and offers program-controlled emptying and cleaning, can be filled manually with granulate — EVA or PUR. Alternatively, the glue can be supplied to the application unit via a melting unit. The melting unit is designed for processing PUR glue and offers a maximum melting capacity of 2.5 kg/hour.

The melting tank can be removed by hand. Changing colors is easy and open PUR drums, for instance, can be stored in the XES 200 service station for several days by creating a vacuum.

Another benefit is the high level of automation. For example, the infeed guide or the height adjustment can be adjusted via the touchscreen control system. With the multi-level trimmer, the multi-level scraper and the profile trimming unit, the full scope of the post-processing units can be adjusted using a motor.

Ideal adjustment to all trends in furniture construction — Expansion of the technical equipment of the EDGETEQ S-380 model 1660 E

Perfect jointing, easy handling, and full automation set the EDGETEQ S-380 model 1660 E edge banding machine apart. The machine is equipped with two solutions for easy and flexible selection of the glue. Classic glue as granulate for EVA, for example, can be used just as PUR glue cartridges can. The PUR glue cartridges are used in the PUR melting unit provided for the production of furniture for wet rooms or laboratories. 

Maximum gluing quality is achieved with the automatic glue quantity metering, which is available as a new feature on the machines in the EDGETEQ S-380 series. In turn, glue quantities that can be selected precisely and quickly lead to higher availability and performance, as well as to greater cost efficiency. For the automatic glue quantity metering, the opening dimension of the metering slide and the corrections to the application quantity are entered quickly and easily and in a way that allows them to always be reproduced via the powerTouch user interface.

The designs for the interior fittings—and as a consequence, the shapes of the parts installed—are becoming increasingly customized. Regardless of whether it's smaller, narrower or acute-angled or obtuse-angled: there are no limits when it comes to shape. The individuality of the surfaces of the materials processed is no less important. Regardless of whether it's matt, gloss or textured: In the age of 3D printing, there is almost no limit to the quality of the surfaces.

To do justice to the resulting requirements, a motorized top roll pressure unit and a small parts package are now available for the 1660 E machine. This is a technology that was previously available in the higher industrial series. The motorized top roll pressure unit runs synchronous to the chain track and offers a perfect hold and optimal clamping of workpieces during processing, even at feed speeds up to a maximum of 20 m/min. The flat contact pressure is ideal for workpieces with protective films, as the sensitive surface requires particularly gentle handling.

The small parts package contains a narrow roller pitch to allow even narrow workpieces to be clamped optimally when processing the short side. The workpiece guide during edge processing has been adapted optimally to furniture design trends.

As processing progresses, the full automation of the machine becomes significant. The multi-level technology is used on the trimmer, profile trimmer and scraper. During multi-level trimming, the customer can choose between two different profiles or flush trimming. With the multi-level scraper, two different profiles are available. Everything can be adjusted at the press of a button. To ensure continuity in production and in the process, the profile trimmer also becomes a multi-level unit. This is achieved with a tool that can simply be switched over during an interruption in work.

For economical one-man operation and optimal handling, a LOOPTEQ return is connected to the machine.

At HOLZ-HANDWERK — part of concept 2 "The networked, digital workshop"

EDGETEQ S-500: Perfect gluing quality with greater cost efficiency and automatic glue quantity metering

For carpenters looking for the best in terms of speed, flexibility and automation, the edge banding machines of the EDGETEQ S-500 series are the right choice. The controllable feed of 16 to 20 m/min, 25 m/min or 30 m/min, the extended unit option that can be fully automated, as well as the powerTouch2 user interface and control system ensure enormous flexibility. The series was presented for the first time at LIGNA in 2019 and has been in high demand ever since.

The new AG12 gluing unit, for maximum gluing quality, is equipped with the universally coated QA65P application unit for using PUR and EVA. This means that inexpensive EVA can be used on numerous components, while PUR can be used where there is a requirement for resistance to temperature or moisture.

Melting units for automatic filling of the application units are available. The gluing roller with integrated heating unit guarantees a constant temperature and viscosity for all workpiece thicknesses. The tracing pad prevents wear to the application roller and ensures a constant glue film thickness. The electro-pneumatic clamping of the gluing roller and tank prevents glue contamination on the rear edge of the workpiece. There are further benefits, such as the gluing roller lift when the feed stops, emptying of the glue in the machine, closing of the metering slide in the event of a power failure, and the automatic cleaning cycle of the metering slide.

The automatic glue quantity metering will be presented as a new feature on this series at HOLZ-HANDWERK. Glue quantities that can be adjusted precisely and quickly lead to even higher availability and performance, as well as to greater cost efficiency. For the automatic glue quantity metering, the opening dimension of the metering slide and the corrections to the application quantity are entered quickly and easily via the powerTouch2 user interface. With the program-controlled automatic glue quantity metering, the corresponding opening dimensions for the metering can be defined for different panel materials with macros in the powerTouch2 control system and assigned to the corresponding programs.

Proven units from the HOMAG unit toolkit ensure a perfect finish on the EDGETEQ S-500: from the PK25 snipping unit, through the FK30 profile trimming unit, to the MN21 multi-scraper.

More individual solutions with EDGETEQ S-500 profiLine

With effect from HOLZ-HANDWERK, the new EDGETEQ S-500 profiLine is also available. It can be freely configured and, in comparison to the existing machine configurations, offers the following enhancement:

  • HOMAG workpiece feed systems that feed the workpieces to the edge processing machine precisely and automatically. The WZ10 workpiece feed system is ideal for transporting preformatted workpieces and the EZ14 workpiece feed system is ideal for workpieces that are processed without parallel cutting to the precise angle in the machine.
  • Two EDGETEQ S-500 profiLine machines can now be interlinked as a line and two edges fitted in one throughfeed.
  • The KS10 belt sanding unit for sanding straight veneer edges and the PS41/PS42 chamfer and radius sanding unit for sanding chamfers and radii on the bottom/top of veneer edges are now available.
  • Edge banding machines with HOMAG laserTec zero joint quality for perfect edges. Due to patent restrictions, this solution can only be used with Rehau edging in Germany.

New challenge: Perfect acrylic edges with EDGETEQ S-500

Workpieces with acrylic edges are fully on trend. Ensuring that they look immaculate and high quality, and also have a high level of gloss, requires sophisticated processing technology, particularly on the post-processing units. HOMAG has developed a special process for this, which is currently being tested in the field. The results are impressive and the process has been registered for a patent.

At HOLZ-HANDWERK: Workpieces with an acrylic edge from the field test

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