HOMAG eSOLUTION merged with SCHULER Consulting GmbH

HOMAG eSOLUTION GmbH and SCHULER Consulting GmbH have been operating as a unit in the Consulting & Software (CSW) business field within the HOMAG Group for several years now. Since then, many internal processes have been standardised and cooperation between the software (HOMAG eSOLUTION GmbH) and consulting (SCHULER Consulting GmbH) business fields has been expanded.
In order to simplify internal processes and further strengthen cooperation, HOMAG eSOLUTION GmbH was merged with SCHULER Consulting GmbH as the receiving company. This merger was formally completed by entry in the commercial register with effect from 28 May 2021.

Existing contracts with HOMAG eSOLUTION GmbH retain their validity and are transferred to SCHULER Consulting GmbH upon entry of the merger in the commercial register. Your established contact persons will continue to be available to you, professionally and effectively, for the implementation of your projects and can be reached as usual via the same contact details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Phone: +49 7445 830 790 00
Mail: software.solutions@homag.com

woodNET 为家具制造商或经销商提供创新的电子商务解决方案。这种基于互联网的展示及订购系统是一种集成的在线家具销售解决方案。

COE 是专门用于木工家具行业的订单计划系统。其能够与市场领先的 ERP 系统(如 SAP、Microsoft Dynamics)或其它 ERP 与 PPS 解决方案结合成为集成的整体解决方案。

豪迈 eSOLUTION 的 MCS-Module 是家具行业特有的模块,其能够完美的对物料管理、财务及 CRM 的行业中立功能进行补充。它们包含在 Microsoft Dynamics NAV、lignos-PPS 和其它 ERP 系统中。

woodCAD|CAM 是一款适用于家具和室内设计的软件。不论是独立的家具设计还是复杂的室内设计——从前期的草图绘制到生成成品的整个流程都很简易,令人印象深刻。完成设计后,通过点击鼠标,可以立即生成生产图纸和物料清单,设计数据将被自动发送到豪迈的 CNC 设备上。同时,一份令人印象深刻的、反应实际产品信息的可视化图形不仅有助于和建筑师/建筑商进行沟通,它也是销售演示或产品样本介绍的基础。

woodFactory 应用于家具部件在定制化生产设备上进行生产的工业型企业与制造商那里,以实现最佳的生产流程组织方式。woodFactory 为此能够提供用于生产规划、生产数据和文档生成,及生产进度控制的性能强大的工具。