Panel dividing saw HPP 180

Our powerful saw designed especially for customers in China and Asia.

Anyone wanting to have the edge over their competitors needs an efficient panel dividing saw: reliable, with technologies “made in Germany”, built locally in China and with an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

  • Power Concept PRACTIVE

    The Power Concept PRACTIVE boosts output by up to 40 %, significantly shortens work cycles and reduces unit costs (option).

  • Cut Rite

    Cutting pattern optimization in the office: optimized project control, efficient cutting processes, full cost-control, faster calculations (option).

  • Easy2Feed

    Easy2Feed is a low-cost automatic feeding solution that saves time and space, is ergonomic and can be retrofitted (option).

  • Label printer

    Custom-designed labels for parts identification: for automatic program selection on downstream machines (option).


  • Extremely powerful
  • Focused on the essential
  • Panel saw designed to meet the requirements of customers in Asian markets
  • Short delivery times due to manufacturing the saw close to the markets, in Shanghai, China

  • Central side pressure device: integrated directly in the saw carriage for short cycle times


    – Easy to understand
    – Graphically supported diagnostics
    – 17" TFT flat screen monitor

  • Motor-powered scoring saw adjustment 

  • Quick-release system Power-Loc for easier and faster saw blade change for both main saw and scoring saw

  • Ready for connection to storage systems

HPP 180HPP 180 profiLine
Saw blade projection95 [mm]95 [mm]
Cutting length3,200 [mm]3,200 [mm]
3,800 [mm] with Power Concept
Program fence speed70 [m/min]70 [m/min]
Saw carriage speedup to 80 [m/min]up to 120 [m/min]
Main saw motor13.5 [kW]13.5 [kW] / 15 [kW] as option
Operating softwareCADmatic PRACTIVECADmatic PRACTIVE
Monitor17" TFT flat screen monitor17" TFT flat screen monitor

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