Multifunction Bridge WMS 150 blowTEC

A quantum leap in insulation

Timber framing panels like wall, roof and ceiling elements as well as gable elements and special elements can be insulated automatically with the WMS 150 blowTEC. Additionally to sawing, routing and drilling also the insulation can be blowed-in fully automated. And all with just one machine.

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  • WEINMANN multifunction bridge WMS 150 blowTEC automatic insulation

    Automatic calculation of the optimal density per compartment

  • WEINMANN Multifunction WMS 150 bridge blowTEC with frame element

    Frame element gets filled with insulation material automatically

  • WEINMANN multifunction bridge WMS 150 blowTEC automated blow-in of insulation

    Automatically and constantly blow-in of different insulation materials

  • insulation material cellulose in timberframe construction

    Different insulation materials, in this case cellulose, are possible


  • Optimal and consistent density distribution of the insulation per compartment due to automatic calculation of the filling quantity
  • Ergonomical working process, less dust pollution for the employee
  • Fast and constant insertion of insulation without operator
  • Quality assurance through complete documentation and measurable fill quantities
  • Enormous space savings due to combination of multifunction bridge and blow-in plate
  • Equipped for the future: configurable according to customer requirements

  • Precise positioning of the blow-in plate above the frame work compartment

  • Fully automated data transfer (position, form, size) from the CAD program

  • Constant processes: fastening, processing and blow-in of insulation with just one machine

  • Fully automated tool changer with up to 12 tool places

  • Easy operation with the intuitive operating system powerTouch

Max. element width3,200 [mm]
optional: 4,200 [mm]
Max. element height500 [mm]
Max. element lengthcustomer specific up to 50 [m], or greater lengths possible
Blow-in powerapprox. 1,000 [p / h]
Time required per wall element
10 x 2,7 x 0,2 [m]

(length x height x thickness)
20 [min]

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