Combi Wall System WEK 120

A high-performance combination

The WEINMANN WEK 120 combi wall system can be used to manufacture frame work with planking on one side with just one operator — while still ensuring high quality and performance. The frame work is automatically aligned, tensioned and secured. Attachment and processing of the planking is also performed as part of an automated process on the same work station.

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  • Efficient manufacturing processes enable high levels of performance: 0.5–1.0 m/min
  • Customized production with zero machine setup
  • High output per square meter of occupied production area: All work is carried out with one operator and on
  • Flexible — gable elements can also be manufactured
  • a single work station
  • Fast assembly on site, as the piggyback NC stopper system ensures dimensionally accurate elements
  • accurate elements

  • Automatic positioning of stud arrangement and fully automatic, perpendicular alignment of the completed frame work

  • Ergonomic working position thanks to optimum processing height and moving control panel

  • Closed elements can be manufactured via expansion with a butterfly turning table

  • CNC axes enable customized nail patterns for frame work components

  • Automatic width adjustment

Frame work thickness
200 [mm]
Optional: 300 [mm]
Element thickness
250 [mm]
Optional: 350 [mm]
Wall height1,200 - 3,200 [mm]
Optional: 3,800 [mm]
Max. wall length
6/ 8/ 10/ 12 [m]



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