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The HOMAG is a global business. The people that work for us are just as diverse as the customers and markets that we deal with across the various regions of the globe. These four examples demonstrate the various ways in which a career can develop at the HOMAG.

Frontier Worker

Chris Balzer

Portrait from Chris Balzer, an employee from the HOMAG Group.

Chris Balzer works in an interface area which is crucially important for HOMAG products. In central purchasing he is responsible for achieving the target costs for newly developed products. It is a demanding job for him, at the interface between suppliers, technicians and salespeople. "At HOMAG I was able to take on responsibility right away," says Balzer. This is something he values about the company. The mechanical engineer was introduced to HOMAG during his dual study program, which combined theoretical and practical elements. He realized early on that he did not want a career as a developer. "I was looking for a job with variety and a coordinative aspect." Strategic purchasing offered him the opportunity. "I have the chance to involve suppliers in the search for technical solutions and to contribute to the development of a product in a supporting capacity."

HOMAG as an employer


Michael Rau

Portrait from Michael Rau, an employee from the HOMAG Group.

One day in 2014 changed Michael Rau's life. There were problems in the Shanghai plant, and the foreman had to solve them. As soon as possible. He needed to decide by the next morning whether to go to China for several months. Rau mulled it over. Up to that point, he had never worked abroad and had only experienced Asia as a tourist. His career was based at the Holzbronn facility in the Black Forest. This is where he trained as an industrial mechanic in the early 90s, gained further qualifications and worked his way up to foreman - a classic career path. There was no need for anything to change. And yet the chance to work in China thrilled him. The next morning he said yes. A few days later Rau was sitting on a plane to Shanghai. He did his job well. They needed someone like him there. A short time later he signed a contract lasting until 2018. He can no longer imagine not living abroad. "I learn something new every day." He visits factories all around the country, services machines and advises on technical matters. The people in China now occupy a firm place in his affections. "I like their smiles and their friendliness."

HOMAG as an employer


Michael Zetzsche

Portrait from Michael Zetsche an employee from the HOMAG Group.

When Michael Zetzsche received the offer from HOMAG, he did not hesitate for long. "The job fascinated me," says Zetzsche. Now a department head in charge of a team of 40, he develops software to use in control systems for machines. He has the programs tested in HOMAG's technical center for development. For Zetzsche the position is the next logical step in his career. After leaving school he trained as an electronics engineer for energy systems, building switch cabinets. He gained his university entrance qualifications and studied electrical engineering. He honed his programming skills at various mediumsized machine construction and systems engineering companies. Just before the move to Schopfloch, he was a department head at a company that supplied production lines for the automotive industry. His management experience and thoroughknowledge of control technology are useful assets when he implements his first big project for HOMAG - the introduction of a simulation that allows developers to test software on machines that only exist in the virtual realm. A success, which he and his team have worked hard to achieve. Zetzsche says: "We are pretty proud of it."

HOMAG as an employer


Anqi Lv

Portrait from Anqi Lv, an employee from the HOMAG Group.

What does she like best about the Black Forest? "The landscape, but also the air is much better than in a lot of Chinese cities," says Anqi Lv with a laugh. The young engineer is completing a 15-month trainee program in Schopfloch. HOMAG is expressly encouraging trainees from China, as the Asian country is evolving into the key market for wood processing machinery. At the moment Anqi Lv is stationed in product development. "I find the combination of mechanics and electronics fascinating." This was already the case during her mechanical engineering studies in Xi'an in China, where she earned her bachelor's degree. She then improved her German language skills and moved on to a master's degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). After discovering HOMAG at a career fair, she joined as a trainee. She is now gradually getting to know the whole Company.

HOMAG as an employer

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