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Case studies

 "A cutting-edge development leap for your working world!" 

Perfection right across the board: Office furniture specialist PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service GmbH has successfully implemented the optical zero joint using the laserTec technique. It now produces perfectly closed edges across all its component edges, no matter whether straight or shaped.

Impressive development

Based in Schönberg in the Mecklenburg region of Germany, the company PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service GmbH looks back on a truly impressive company history. The furniture factory founded here almost 90 years ago has evolved to become one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of office furniture.
Privatized in 1991 as a part of the Schwerin furniture factory, what has emerged is a model company employing a workforce of 440 over an area of more than 22,000 sq.m. which produces professional office furnishing solutions.
Palmberg is the first office furniture manufacturer to offer high-end edging technology across its entire production spectrum – using laser. This includes not only straight components, but the entire spectrum of shaped parts too. As well as creating a perfectly cohesive appearance, irrespective of edge and decor colour, this technology also offers the benefit of improved resistance to the effects of heat and moisture.


Implementation across the board

With the installation of two HOMAG BAZ 322 CNC processing centres fitted with laserTec gluing units, Palmberg has implemented a complete switch to laser edges for all its components. Technical Director at Palmberg Büroeinrichtungen GmbH Friedel Henning explains: “We quickly realized that the laserTec process heralds a whole new standard in terms of quality and design across the entire spectrum of furniture production. This prompted us at an early stage to take an in-depth look at the possibilities, and we decided to focus our efforts consistently on this technology. The condition for converting our production and the requirement we imposed on the machine supplier was that every one of our components should be capable of manufacture using this technology. It would have simply been a short-sighted approach to manufacture straight components using this method and to apply conventional edges to the free-form components, because these are precisely the components which form the exposed aspect of the workplace – in direct view of the user


This prompted us to specify that retrofitting of our throughfeed plants and the purchase of a new supplementary machine would be conditional on implementation of the same technology on our processing centres. After starting with straight components last year, since the summer we have now turned our attention to applying the technology on our CNC processing centres. Following a successful start-up phase, we are now running production at full steam."
Palmberg is determined to continue down its chosen path. At the beginning of next year, it will be expanding its straight component production using laser technology to 100%, and plans to also further extend its CNC processing with the technology.
The Palmberg image brochure boasts a “Cutting-edge development leap for your working world – superlative quality edges”. The technology to make this possible comes from HOMAG.



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