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Case studies
CNC Technology 

CNC Routers and Machining Centers 

Complete machining of components for furniture, windows, stairs, doors or special materials on one machine.

HOMAG CNC machine users profit from a whole range of benefits. Its multifunctionality makes for extremely flexible application. Which means more efficient production. The high standard of processing quality permits faster production of standard components and complex parts. Which improves your delivery capability.
BMG 300CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 300 / Venture BMG 300
Stable gantry design processing centres in combination with units and components out of the HOMAG industrial range.
BMG 500CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 500/600
The unique basic machine design made of solid SORB TECH composite material guarantees optimum processing quality by vibration damping coupled with extreme durability.
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700
The machining centers of the B600/700 gantry series offer scope for widely diverse equipment allowing industrial multiple-shift operation.
CNC Router and Machining Centers BMB 800/900 powerProfiler - Window production
The scalable machining center with automatic panel handling