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Schopfloch  21/07/2010 

HOMAG Group woodWOP 6.0 - 3D now standard in all Venture processing centres 

There is no other CNC programming system that looks back on such a successful development history as woodWOP from the company HOMAG. With 25,000 satisfied customers worldwide, woodWOP stands as the most frequently installed programming system, and has become established as the accepted standard for CNC training in vocational colleges and universities.


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Since the middle of the year, woodWOP 6.0 has become a standard feature of all Venture and Vantage series from HOMAG and WEEKE sold worldwide. The latest woodWOP Version 6.0 sets whole new standards in CNC programming. Customers are particularly enthusiastic about the speed at which a flawless production program can be produced at the office PC, and about the high safety standard provided by the new 3D visualization.

HOMAG launched its own programming system woodWOP 1.0  back in 1992, marking a whole new era. It was the company’s entry into the construction of processing centres with edge banding that necessitated this development. Since those early days, woodWOP has been continuously further developed.

woodWOP 6.0 takes the machines into the third dimension. With realistic 3D depiction of the workpiece and all the associated processing operations, programmers are immediately able to recognize whether incorrect values have been entered. Several workpiece views can be opened simultaneously, leaving no possibility of undiscovered errors. As soon as the suction cups are programmed in woodWOP, the suction cups and consoles are displayed as 3D models by the program graphics. The completed program can be simulated using the woodMotion processing simulation system. This simulation graphically depicts the programmed processing operations, creating a virtual finished workpiece as if it had been actually produced on the machine – with an indication of the processing time.  

Maximum safety is ensured at the machine by the work area monitoring system collisionControl (only available for HOMAG machines). As soon as an impending collision situation is predicted, collisionControl brings the machine to a stop before the actual collision can occur, and sends out a warning message to the machine’s monitor. With this innovative software combination made up of woodWOP 6.0, woodMotion and collisionControl, the HOMAG Group is offering a safety package unique in the marketplace, which allows even new users with no experience to quickly learn how to program and work with CNC machines.  

Another success factor is the open file format used for storing the woodWOP programs (*.mpr). This permits external software providers to achieve simple, compatible link-up with the utmost stability over years of use. This allows output of all known trade-specific programs in the woodWOP format and simple integration into an existing customer software landscape.
woodWOP 6.0 is reverse compatible to woodWOP 4.0, meaning that it is able to simply adopt older programs. But HOMAG goes one decisive step further: woodWOP 6.0 is also forward compatible, allowing programs generated in the office using a new version to also be used on machines on which an older version is installed.