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The driving motor for our future: Innovation 

The HOMAG success story is one founded on outstanding innovative drive.

Boosting the competitive strength of our customers is the aim we strive to achieve on a daily basis. To achieve this aim we continue to work consistently towards the optimization of our products and services. We invest heavily in the research and development of innovations to secure our future, develop pioneering processing methods and revolutionary technologies. It is not for nothing that we enjoy a reputation as a driving force in the woodworking sector, a technology leader, pioneer and setter of innovative new standards – yesterday, today and in the future.

It is our close cooperation with our customers and the on-going analysis of their needs and requirements that form the basis for this continuous process of innovation. Equally important are our close ties to our suppliers and our collaboration with renowned universities and research institutes in public research projects. With our established system of structured innovation management rooted in a carefully coordinated product strategy, we continue to turn ambitious new innovation projects into reality.
Our many innovations are safeguarded by patents and other industrial property protection measures to maintain our competitive edge in the long term.

Overview of on-going public research projects with HOMAG participation.
Safeguarding our innovations with industrial property rights


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