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HOMAG Group 

Business divisions 

Drawing on its broad-based portfolio, HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH is able to offer the right product to address very need – from the modest woodworking shop through to the highly complex industrial factory.

From the standalone machine to the integral high-performance plant, we offer our customers the ideal solution to meet their individual requirements. The end products range from top-quality furniture, fitted kitchens, timber frame houses and windows to wooden flooring and staircases – the world of furnishing starts with our machines.

 Machines and cells

In the machine and cell sectors, our technologically leading-edge products cover the entire customer process chain in the entry level and medium segment, as a partner both to industry and woodworking shops.

Wherever high precision is called for in the woodworking segment, machines from HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH are in use. For instance when it comes to absolutely precise cutting of panels for perfect later integration into the furnishing environment. Whether cabinet elements, shelving components or table tops – our panel dividing plants saw every workpiece reliably and to a top standard of quality. And all at a level of speed and efficiency to enable productive, economical working for our customers. This is the key to producing top-quality furnishing elements at affordable prices – which of course is a bonus for the consumer too.

The standard machines are modular in structure, with mechanical, electrical and electronic components based on a Group-wide platform. Automation, mechatronics, control and software platforms are also standardized throughout the Group. We offer complex machine cells for highly flexible individual production and networked high-performance machines for automated mass production in every performance category.

Factory plants

We can take charge of all consultancy, design, project management, construction, implementation and commissioning services for complex factory plants. .
Complete solutions are one of the traditional HOMAG Group strengths. For each individual processing stage, we have competent specialists who complement each other’s strengths and whose systems are ideally coordinated to work together. Our customers are supplied with every solution from a single one-stop provider using standardized control engineering and software. This guarantees a cohesive production process in which panels are inserted at one end of a networked large-scale plant and emerge at the other end, for instance, as fully assembled and packaged shelving systems. Individual items of furniture, whole kitchens or even complete interior fittings all present no problem for our machines.
Here, we offer both interlinked machines and systems from within the Group based on standardized modules and also the integration of external products to create integral system solutions.


Alongside classical service features such as installation, maintenance and repair, we also offer services over the complete life cycle of plants and machines.
These include in particular Teleservice, the Internet-based spare parts system, production support and 24-hour servicing as well as trade-specific organization, technical and business management consulting services and software solutions for the main business processes occurring in the woodworking, furniture and industrial timber frame house construction industries.



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